Resistant to angle grinders, rebar cutters and bolt cutters attacks.


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SKUNKLOCK CARBON is a patented bike U-Lock design that includes numerous very hard ceramic elements inside it to resist attempts to cut it with an angle grinder. The shackle is made of the highest quality steel that has been hardened sufficiently to easily resist the top German rebar cutter blades, and the hardest bolt cutter blades (the 25mm diameter shackle makes it impossible to use a bolt cutter anyway). The shackle is filled with a composite material that contains Silicon Carbide and simply destroys angle grinder cutting wheels.

  • Angle grinder resistant shackle and crossbar.
  • Rebar cutter and bolt cutter resistant shackle (impossible to use either of those on the crossbar due to it's diameter).
  • Disc tumbler lock cylinder that is virtually impossible to pick (only the absolute best lock pickers in the world can pick those, in ideal conditions and it requires highly specialized and expensive picking tools)
  • Large amounts of high quality hardened steel alloy used throughout the lock, built to withstand serious abuse.
  • Anti rotation features to protect against single cuts.
Dimensions: 179 x 295 mm
Weight: 1.97 kg
Inner Clearance: 105 x 227 mm
Shackle diameter: 25.3 mm
Crossbar diameter: 43.2 mm